Sun Setting on Our Land


Sun Setting on Our Land came into being, when I moved to Canterbury, the sun sets in that part of New Zealand are particularly spectacular and for me was - beauty in chaos. I then lived in Cromwell for a short time and the sun rise is outstanding on such stark surroundings. Every sunset, every sunrise, imprints a memory on my soul and makes me hopeful for the day to come.

On the Shores of Our Land


On the Shores of Our Land are pieces inspired by childhood memories, of looking with fascination at water colours and lithographs of NZ prior to colonisation, at the Auckland Art Gallery.

The sculptural element, are evocative of things of the sea, both in nature and our relationship with it: Whale teeth, fish contours, dolphin fins, yacht sails, surf boards.




Hukerikeri in maori, means turbulent and tempestuous wind, rain and sea. The gold detailing depict symbolic meanings, of things of the sea. The pieces are all painted in Flashe Opaque colour, which is matt and built up in layers, depicting New Zealand's shores, land masses and sea. 


Matua Mauku Series


Matua Mauku is the Maori name for the "Filmy Fern", Hymenophyllum dilatatum. This fern is endemic to New Zealand, found in areas of Auckland, including Scenic Drive in the Waitakere Ranges, Stewart and Chatham Islands. It grows in coastal forests, typically on trees or fallen trees and banks. 

The names of the pieces are in refernce to the sun; it's effect on plants and all living things and our relationship to it's light. 

The pieces themselves were designed after a trip to the Archaeology Museum in Istanbul. The designs are a combination of ancient and modern art, with a nod to ancient Greek and Egyptian Pottery.


Gold Rush (Pit, Air, River) & Just another Beautiful Westy


Gold has always intrigued and been desired by humans for thousands of years.  Gold Rush refers to not only the days of gold mining, in the 1800's NZ but the rush from the beauty and owning of gold.

My family come from Greymouth, on the West coast of the South Island, which has areas that were panned and mined for gold by early Europeans. Emblazoned on the Runanga Miners Hall is "World's wealth for World's workers".


Our Land


New Zealand is widely known as being "clean & green", however the reality of our influence on the land is often the opposite. Many kiwis including myself, feel a strong connection to New Zealand, "Our Land" refers to the connection with the land and the need to keep it intact and as unaltered as possible for our future generations.


Dreaming of Our Land - Globes


Dreaming of Our Land is the hope for a future, where the land is respected and we realise that we are merely custodians of this beautiful New Zealand.


Care and cleaning


Only touch with clean hands; oil, grease, butter, sun block can permenantly mark the exterior matt porcelain.


Gold pieces:

The interior of these vessels have a layer of 24k Gold leaf, a layer of specialist lacquer and a second layer of 24k Gold leaf as the final layer. The gold is thin and needs to be treated with care, the final layer of gold can be scratched and worn away by rubbing with a cloth. I recommend blowing out dust regularly, and only clean when you really need too. Any fly dirt etc can be removed using a little soft soap and rub lightly with your finger and a small amount of warm water, then air dry upside down. Dab lightly with a cotton ball to remove excess water from gold after 10 min air drying.


Glazed pieces:

These can be used and cleaned as you would any fine porcelain. Perfectly safe for food and drink and washed with hot soapy water and sponge or cloth.


All pieces in this website are under copyright, made by Rachel Murphy from 2014 to current



Main Stockists:

Art Form Gallery - Matakana

Black Door Gallery - Auckland

Little River Gallery - Christchurch

Quadrant Gallery - Dunedin 


Rachel can send around the world and offers gift wrapping and personal note. Simply email Rachel with your request.

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